A lot of technology these days seems to have an inbuilt shelf life; whether it’s an appliance for your home, a computer or phone, or even something as important as your boiler, you’re not supposed to expect these vital machines to actually last you for more than a certain number of years. While this is often sold as a good thing (upgrade to the latest model!), we can’t help but wonder whatever happened to the good old days of building machinery that would serve its owners for the long haul.

Well, since we were founded all the way back in 1852, we know a little bit about weathering out the years – and about making sure that our products are built to last, just like our company is. Because, while getting an upgrade when some innovative new technology comes to the market can definitely be a good way to freshen up your business, it should be a choice – not something that’s forced upon you.

That’s why we’re so proud to have created machines that are still going strong after many years of operation… 50 years in some cases! And, just like we think of our company as experienced and time-tested rather than ‘old’, that’s exactly how we should think about our industrial giants – which were made with such precision and dedication back in the 60s and 70s that they’re still going strong today.

Looking to the Future

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we still use the same manufacturing processes today; it would be just as foolish to refuse to move with the times. In fact, we are constantly innovating and integrating the newest ideas and methods into our own processes. But the ideal remains the same: to create products that are going to serve our clients not just for many years to come, but for decades.

Achieving this means ensuring that our teams of designers, engineers and manufacturers put the same amount of care and attention into every part that they create. We look for quality and don’t stop until we find it, and we make sure that this is translated into vibratory process machinery that is as reliable as it is efficient.

Most importantly, creating a machine that will stand the test of the time means focussing on durability at the very beginning of the process: when you’re still in the design stages, you shouldn’t just be thinking about how your product can best do the job that it’s being built for, but also how it can continue to do that job after years of both external and internal pressures and stresses.

Expect the Best from Your Industrial Tech

With some, reasonably cost-effective products – such as white goods, which have got cheaper as their life expectancies have got shorter – you might not mind putting your hand in your pocket every few years for a new model.

However, when it comes to the workplace there’s no reason to have to settle for the same throwaway culture. Because, when people are paying a premium price for a piece of kit that’s been designed with care to fulfil a very specific purpose, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be built to last.

That’s what we offer here a William Boulton, but even if you’re looking for other types of machinery – maybe products that we don’t make or offer here – we recommend looking for that same guarantee of durability as well as quality. A company that can give you a longer-lasting product will be saving you money in the long run, and also showing that the customer, not the profit is their bottom line.

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