Grinding machinery is often an essential part of an industrial operation, allowing you to cut, shape and improve the materials that you’re working with and ensure that they’re fit for purpose. But in order to get the most out of your machine – or any industrial equipment – it’s vital to pick out the right tool for the job.

This ensures that you’re spending your money on a bit of kit that will not only provide excellent results but also prove to be great value for money. That’s why today we’re going to zero in on the benefits of ultra-fine grinding machines, demonstrating what role they can fulfil in a busy commercial operation.

1. Ultra-fine Results Ideal for Many Industries

Being able closely to control the size distribution of particles allows you to reduce the margin of error when producing important materials. Among other applications, the ultra-fine results of this type of grinding mill are ideal for the production of slips and glazes, the development of new artificial abrasives, and the grinding of porcelain enamel powder. These grinding mills reach a particle size that other types of mill – such as ball milling – cannot equal, making them particularly useful for these tasks.
They are also useful for manufactures in the food industry, as producing a larger surface area with ultra-fine grinding results in a stronger taste per unit, maximising performance.

2. Low Maintenance Saves Time

The wear and tear on these machines is a lot less than you would probably expect, due in large part to the fact that producing the results we’ve just discussed only requires a relatively small amount of force. Generally, only the motor bearings and support springs need maintenance – meaning that these mills don’t just save money but also reduce equipment downtime (therefore improving productivity).

3. Low Risk of Contamination

We know that the problem of contamination can be a very serious one, and its difficult to overstate the importance of choosing a product that can help to eliminate as much of the risk as possible. By ensuring that the force used is no larger than needed, these machines can avoid damaging either the grinding mill lining or the grinding media. This is great for reducing contamination, as it means products aren’t being contaminated with internal parts of the grinding machinery. With our machines, we are proud to offer zero ferrous contamination as well as minimal general product contamination.

4. Safe Operation

Keeping your staff safe is probably a number one priority – and operating or guarding dangerous machinery can put staff at risk. While sometimes this is a necessary part of the job, with these ultra-fine grinding machines that never needs to be the case. Inherently safe by design, there is no guarding required. This means that aside from keeping your team safe, you can also free up their time to do other valuable tasks.

5. Low Energy Consumption: Why raise your energy bills any more than you have to?



All told, these are incredibly useful machines which can help reduce your costs whilst producing high-performing materials. If any of the applications that we’ve discussed apply to your manufacturing operation then we would recommend reading more about our range of grinding machines here, or calling 0872 113 1720 to discuss the options with a member of the William Boulton team.