While we stand behind the quality of all the products available here at William Boulton, we also understand that if you’re working in the food or pharmaceutical industry, you probably want something that little bit extra special.

After all, there are a range of additional concerns to address, including:

  • Increased need for hygiene, and crucial health and safety standards.
  • The importance of avoiding any recalls, or substandard products being sent to market.
  • The need to follow very strict regulations, whether related to health, quality or any other factors.

… and we also know that this list barely scratches the surface when it comes to all the factors that are bubbling away in your mind.

With our range of products designed specifically for the food and pharmaceuticals industries, we’re aiming to make your life that little bit easier.

Our ‘SC’ separators are a super-clean collection, which can provide wet or dry screening, sieving, and grading of medicinal powders, beans, sugars and spices, tea leaves, granulates… and so much more. More importantly, they have been designed to avoid contamination, something which should be at the top of the list when you’re considering buying a separator for such a specific set of needs. A second crucial concern will be the level of cleanliness; super clean is essential for foods and medicines that have to hit certain standards.

You’ll also want to consider other, more standard factors – such as the amount of power that the machine is going to use (and therefore the operating costs), how much maintenance and downtime it will need, and even the noise of operating it.

And it isn’t just the separation part of the process which will be well-served by a specialist piece of kit which has been tailor-made for your industry. For instance, when it comes to grinding or blending pharmaceutical powders, we strongly recommend finding a dedicated machine that can offer both the sanitation and the precision that people in the pharmaceutical industry rightly expect and deserve.

At William Boulton, this comes in the form of the VIBRO-ENERGY® SPECIAL PHARMACEUTICAL machine, ideal for reaching the specifications that you need when working with pharmaceutical powders. We also use FDA approved materials, and can often offer custom-made machines if you get in touch and talk to us about specific requirements that you may have.

As a company that’s been in operation since 1852, you don’t need to worry about whether we’ll be able to help you or not; simply talk to us about the products that you’re dealing with and we can discuss how to meet your specifications or give you advice as to what products might work best for your needs.