Separation equipment such as sieves and vibratory separators can form an essential part of the recycling process, allowing you to manage your streams simply and effectively. While processing waste can be a surprisingly time-consuming and delicate operation, having the right sieving equipment on hand can help you to hit your targets whilst reducing costs and time.

Here at William Boulton we offer a range of different sieves and separators to suit the different needs of the recycling industry. This might include recycling:

  • Glass
  • Food waste
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard & paper pulp
  • Rubber
  • Oils

You can use our machinery to help you screen your materials and remove contaminants, or to aid in the process of transforming waste into useful, reusable products.

The equipment that we provide might include sieves, screens, grinding machines or separators – whatever you need for each stage of the manufacturing process.

Safe, clean and efficient industrial equipment

Choose equipment that is easy to run and maintain. You don’t need a large number of employees to keep our sieves and separators running, making it possible for a smaller team to get the same results expected from a larger operation. They are designed to be hygienic and simple to sanitise, which allows you to ensure that the output of your work meets the required standards.

We can also help you to select the most effective separatory equipment for your specific needs. Different types of mesh can be used to achieve a range of different results depending on the size and material used. This might include sieves, screens, separators or grinding machines. We also provide a range of spare parts to keep your machines in full working order for many years to come – we may even be able to help you upgrade or repair older machines that you’re already using, as we produce spares that are compatible with equipment made by a wide range of other manufacturers.

Bespoke equipment to suit your needs

Simply give the team a call on 01782 816158 and we’ll help you find the perfect equipment for your needs. Our product specialists can discuss the unique needs of sieving equipment for the recycling industry, make recommendations, or even take orders for bespoke machines – just get in touch.

Our Clients

British Sugar
Rolls Royce
Steelite International
Tate & Lyle Sugars

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