When you’re manufacturing pharmaceuticals, there’s no room for error: your finished product has to fit exact specifications and meet the requirements of strict regulators. So when you’re putting together a great team to create these products, it’s important that you also give them equipment that is up to the job.

Here at William Boulton, we’ve been providing industrial sieves and vibratory separators to the pharmaceutical industry for decades. We’re proud of our record for providing reliable equipment that can withstand the most demanding of processes. Just as importantly, they’ll produce an output which meets your high standards.

Clean, safe and easy to use

We’re consistently producing pharmaceutical sieving equipment that is easy to operate, cost effective and simple to maintain:

  • Maintain hygiene – all of our equipment is sanitary by design, and easy for your team to keep clean
  • Reduce running costs – our sieving machines won’t guzzle up energy, and they don’t take a lot of effort to run or maintain. By investing in a decent machine, you can save a lot of money on operating costs over time
  • Keep your reputation – by producing pharmaceuticals that are safe and fit the specifications, you can grow your name within the industry

Finding the right sieve or separator

Sieves, screens, separators and grinding machines have an important part to play in the production of pharmaceuticals, with tasks such as removing contaminants being essential to the manufacturing process. This means that it’s important to find the right machine for your purpose – and that’s something that our team are very happy to help with. You can browse the range of machinery available here to find equipment suitable for essential tasks such as screening and grading.

Or if you’d prefer, we’re more than happy to talk you through the options and discuss the specific needs of your operation. Just call us on 01782 816158 to speak to a product expert.

Our Clients

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