At some point in the manufacturing process, your coatings will need to be filtered: this is an essential step for ensuring the quality of the final product. It’s important to make sure that you have the most appropriate filtration and screening equipment for each type of coating, to get the best results. Are team can help you to find the right sieves and vibratory separators for your operation, provide spare parts to keep your equipment running smoothly, or even create bespoke equipment designed to solve your problems.

How can we help with coatings filtration?

There are a range of different applications for William Boulton equipment. This could include:

  • Liquid paints – use self-cleaning, industrial filters to avoid contamination
  • Inks and dyes – ensure that there is no risk of contamination by choosing the right filter
  • Powder coatings – our sieving machines can be used to screen powder coatings during the quality control stage

You might need equipment such as screens, sieves, grinding machines or separators to help with different stages of the manufacturing process. We can also supply filtration equipment to work with glue, sealants and thermoplastics as well as a wide range of other materials. If in doubt, just ask: chances are, we’ll be able to find you a solution. This can include working with high temperatures or corrosive materials.

High quality sieving equipment to stand the test of time

We’re incredibly proud of the strength and resilience of our machines: there are William Boulton separators that are still fully operational after 50 years. This is the high quality that you could expect by choosing one of our machines: these machines are safe to operate, easy to maintain and designed to give an exceptionally high standard of output.

In the decades that we’ve been in business, we’ve had the pleasure of providing sieving equipment for the coatings industry many times: this means that we’re able to understand your needs and adapt our equipment to suit your company. You can call us on 01782 816158 to discuss how we can help.

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