Working with potentially dangerous materials such as fuel and petroleum means that there’s no room for error: you have to be sure that they are being handled safely, and that the finished product will meet all of the requirements without any contamination.

This is where William Boulton come in: we’re able to provide equipment that makes it easier for you and your team to distil fuels such as petroleum effectively. Our industrial sieves and vibratory separators are incredibly strong and durable, meaning that they can be used safely with corrosive materials. They are also designed to be safe when working with flammable substances, and secure so that only designated operatives are able to access and use them.

Why come to William Boulton?

There are lots of great reasons to choose William Boulton – but perhaps the most important is our dedication to long-lasting, hard-wearing machinery. We’re very proud of how durable and resistant our sieves and separators are as this is what makes them invaluable in a fast-paced factory environment.

Your operation is important to us, and that’s why we’ll take the time to understand your unique needs before making any recommendations. We can even use bespoke specifications to create you a custom bit of kit. As well as sieves and separators, we can also supply grinding machines and screens to suit every stage of the manufacturing process.

You’ll also find replacement parts, including mesh screens which can be used when you’ve worn out your older equipment. We can supply spares for machines made by other manufacturers, too, to ensure that your fuel and petroleum is always being sieved as effectively as possible.

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