Filtration and separation are a vital part of the brewing and distilling process, allowing you to complete a number of important tasks including treating raw water and performing effective clarification. We supply high performance sieving equipment and separators for the brewing and distilling industry, allowing you to carry out these tasks with confidence.

Choosing the right industrial sieve or vibratory separator is important, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. We will be able to advise on the different types of machinery most suitable for performing specific tasks, as well as which types of mesh to use for the specific material that you need to process. This means that you can invest in a machine that’s 100% right for your needs. We also provide additional parts and spares which can be used to bring your existing equipment up to contemporary standards – even if your equipment was created by a different manufacturer!

Hard-working machinery that supports your team

We see your heavy-duty equipment as an additional part of your team that needs to function in tandem with your employees. Choose sieves and separators that are extremely secure and yet still easy to use and simple to maintain:
  • Energy efficient to reduce running costs
  • Security features to ensure that only authorised team members can operate equipment
  • Different configurations available to work with a huge range of different brewing and distilling needs
  • Easy to clean and maintain, helping you to ensure safe and hygienic running
  • Able to withstand high temperatures and corrosive materials
  • Bespoke equipment available to order – just tell the team what you need!

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