Chemical products can be difficult to handle – they are often toxic, corrosive or otherwise dangerous, which means that the equipment used to process them needs to be both hardy and secure. The grinders, sieves and vibratory separators available from William Boulton can help you to remove contaminants or refine your chemicals, allowing them to pass any quality control tests without difficulty.

Sieving and filtration within the agro-chemical industry might be used on a range of products including herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Depending on the specific chemicals that you need to process, we will recommend the most suitable equipment. With a variety of different models available, you can find machines for grinding, filtration, sieving and blending. There are also different types of mesh to suit different purposes, with the size and material of the mesh affecting the finished chemicals.

Equipment that we provide includes:

  • Sieves
  • Screens
  • Grinding machines
  • Separators

We will try to help you find the perfect equipment at every stage of the manufacturing process.

You can also find spare parts for your existing sieving equipment, allowing you to keep the machines that you’ve already invested in in excellent condition. We’re able to provide spare parts compatible with another manufacturers’ equipment, so if you’re looking for something specific then just ask.

Secure, safe and simple to use

Choosing William Boulton sieves and separators gives you a range of advantages, thanks to the care and attention that we put into every machine:
  • Secure design – ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access the machinery to keep hazardous chemicals from becoming a risk.
  • Clean and sanitary – by ensuring that your equipment is easy for the crew to clean and maintain, we help you to maintain a hygienic working environment.
  • High performance – your finished results will pass quality control checks and stand up to regulatory requirements
  • Efficient operation – don’t worry about running costs, as these machines are energy efficient, reducing the overall expense

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