Solid liquid separation can be a useful process for many different companies. It has a range of different applications, and can be used to recover either the solid substance or the liquid substance (or both, if required). The solid liquid separation equipment available here at William Boulton can help businesses within food and pharmaceuticals as well as other industries.

Many materials and compounds are naturally impure, which means that they need to be separated and purified before they can be used for any practical purposes. This is particularly important in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where contamination could be dangerous to consumers and put your company at risk of losing your licence. Of course, accuracy is also important I any other industry as you can’t risk turning out products that don’t fit the specifications.

Why choose William Boulton for liquid solid separation?

As solid liquid separation is a serious industrial process, it’s important that the equipment you choose is up to the job. We produce industrial standard machinery, including filter press, industrial water filter and solid liquid filtration equipment. You’ll benefit from:

  • Reduced operating costs – by performing liquid solid separation with a high degree of accuracy, you’ll reduce wasted materials. Our equipment is also designed to have lower running costs and help you save energy.
  • Low maintenance – don’t worry about wasting your team’s time with hours of manual cleaning. This machinery is easy to clean and easy to take care of.
  • Increased productivity – improve your output with equipment that can process large quantities of product every day.
  • Accuracy – we create equipment of a very high standard, so that you can feel confident in the knowledge that you’ll have high quality output. Founded in 1852, William Boulton has the special knowledge that only comes from decades of refinement – and we out this experience into every machine that we sell.

How can I choose the right solid liquid filtration equipment?

Getting the right equipment is vital – the needs of somebody looking for a filter press will be very different to those of somebody who needs an industrial water filter. We would recommend calling in to discuss this with a member of the William Boulton team: as highly trained specialists, we’ll be able to help you find the right equipment without any hassle.

Here are some factors to consider before you purchase new separatory equipment:

  • The size and shape of the substances/materials. It is rare that the shape can be defined precisely, however thinking about these factors – and the size in particular – will have an affect on the process required.
  • The consistency of the liquid. Filtering particles from water will be different to separating solids from a thick or dense fluid.
  • Which industry you are operating within. We’re aware that people within the chemical processing industry, for instance, will have very specific solid liquid separation needs which may involve processing hazardous materials.

If you’re able to share some of this information with us when you make your enquiry, then we’ll be able to discuss the range of equipment available. Our team will be more than happy to share more precise product specifications once they know what your needs are.

The custom solution that suits you

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all equipment. You need machinery that’s designed for the unique needs of your business, which is why you’re more than welcome to come to us with your bespoke needs. If you’re fitting out a processing plant or factory and need other separatory equipment then we can also provide ultra-fine grinding machinery, vibratory separators, vibratory screens and polishing machines.

Just call 0872 113 1720 to discuss your needs with the team today.